Seven Pubs, Seven Sins: Pride

We all know that drinking is a Sin, so while you’re at it why not enjoy a couple more… here’s the first in a series, introducing our “Seven Pubs, Seven Sins” collection. ‘The Red Lion’ is often claimed to be the commonest pub name in Britain*, whether that’s true or not it certainly didn’t prove difficult to find a pride in London.

We recommend starting in Kennington – The Old Red Lion is beautiful pub with a good range of ales on tap and a refreshingly varied menu. Walk north (resisting if you can, the equally great Dog House and Black Prince pubs just around the corner) until you meet the river then work your way through the rest finishing at The Old Red Lion just by Holborn station and sampling (if you dare) their fine selection of whiskys.

There are plenty of other Red Lions around London that didn’t make the list, but if you want to keep on crawling in the same area then we recommending switching to the Sam Smith Pub Crawl and taking in The Princess Louise or Citie of York.

*There’s some debate but our money’s on the real winner being ‘The Crown’.