Isla and Jura

Time to head out of London a little bit. Not so much a pub crawl as a distillery tour, but a great day none-the-less.

Isla is little more difficult to get to than our normal pubs, about 12 hours driving from London but worth every minute. Just make sure you book the ferry in advance, we ended up having to stay longer than expected but there are worse islands to be stranded on.

With 8 distilleries, and pretty much every else you could want from Scotland (beautiful scenery, wildlife, friendly people, even more whisky) all packed on to Isla it’s definitely worth a look. And as for Jura? 200 people, 5,000 deer and a whisky distillery. That’s one hell of a stag night.

There’s only one road that connects up the distilleries, so getting between them is pretty simple. Make sure you bring a designated driver though…