London City Farms

There’s more to life than beer (apparently) so we’ve gone for a slight twist with today’s crawl. Here’s a trail of some of London’s City Farms and, of course, the pubs in-between them. It’s a great way to combine alcohol and farming without any risk of crashing a tractor into a ditch.

We’ve picked seven of the farms that form a nice trail, but a full tour wouldn’t be complete without including the most central, Vauxhall City Farm. We recommend completing the crawl on a Saturday and then heading to Vauxhall for a tour and hang-over busting fry-up in the local cafe.

14 Famous Pubs

Today’s crawl comes courtesy of Great Little Place, and their ’14 London pubs with revered, renowned or wretched regulars’. As with the last crawl, this isn’t something to attempt in one go (the travelling alone would take up most of a day) but it’s a great for a weekend exploring London.

The order is up to you but we recommend getting to The Magdala for late morning, checking out the bullet holes and then heading for a walk across Hampstead Heath in time for lunch at The Spaniard’s Inn – a great pub and one we definitely need to visit again for a Famous Pubs blog – links to Dracula, Dickens and Dick Turpin to name a few.

If it all sounds like too much effort then you can’t far wrong with just a few pints at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

P.S. We tried to find the original article on but it seems to have gone. If anyone has a link please add it to the comments!

Sam Smith Pubs

What better crawl to start on than all (well, most) of the Sam Smith pubs in central London. 24 pubs in total so best stretched out over a whole weekend or broken down into more manageable chunks. The Cardinal and Anchor Tap are bit far out but well worth a visit! We recommend the Best Better.